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Review Sessions
Voluntary Review Session for Exam 1 - Chapters 12 - 14

Sunday Voluntary Review Session - Chapters 15, 17
Monday Review Session (in class) - Chapters 15, 17

 Orientation - Spring 2013  
Orientation - Spring 2018
 Chapter 12:  Partnerships handout
 Chapter 13:  Corporations -- Paid-In handout
 Chapter 14:  Corporations -- Retained Earnings handout
 Chapters 13-14 Review Handout:  Cash and Stock Dividends, Stock Splits, Treasury Stock handout
 Chapter 15:  Bonds Payable handout
 Chapter 15 Extension:  Amortization  
 Chapter 17:  Cash Flows handout
 Chapter 20:  Job Order Costing handout
      -a light-hearted conversation about Chap 20  
 Chapter 21:  Process Costing handout
 Chapter 25:  Standard Costs handout
 Chapter 23:  Budgeting handout
 Chapter 22: Variable Costing handout
 Chapter 22: Break-Even Analysis handout
 Chapter 26: Capital Budgeting handout
  Discussion Groups  
Chapter 12:  Flipped Classroom (homework demo P12-1A)
Chapter 12:  First Discussion (liquidation handout) handout

Chapter 12:  Second Discussion [formation (E12-3), admitting new partners (BE12-7, BE12-8), division of income (E12-4)]
Chapter 13:  Flipped Classroom (homework demo P13-1A)
Chapter 13:  First Discussion (Issuing Stock E13-3, E13-5)   
Chapter 13:  First Discussion (Treasury Stock)

Chapter 13:  Second Discussion (Treasury Stock E13-7; Investing Other Assets E13-6)   
Chapter 14:  Flipped Demo of P14-1A

Chapter 14:  First Discussion (BE14-1, E14-3)   
Chapter 14:  First Discussion (BE14-1, E14-3) (another version)

Chapter 14:  Second Discussion (E14-5 Answering the "Why?" About Stock Dividends)  
Chapter 14:  Second Discussion (E14-5 Stock Dividends) (another version)

Chaps 13-14:  Review Handout - Cash Dividends, Stock Splits, Treasury Stock, Stock Dividends
Review Session for Exam I

Chapter 15 Extension:  Amortization  
Chapter 15:  Flipped Classroom (bonds homework demo P15-9A)
Chapter 15:  Second Discussion (E15-17)
Chapter 17:  Flipped Classroom (cash flows; homework demo P17-7A)
Chapter 17:  First Discussion (P17-9B)
Chapter 20:  Flipped Classroom (job order costing; homework demo P20-1A)
 Chapter 20:  Job Order Costing (Exercise E20-8)  
       -a light-hearted conversation about Chap 20  
 Chapter 21:  Process Costing (Exercise E21-11)   
 Chapter 25:  Standard Costs (Exercise E25-7)  
 Chapters 22 and 26:  First Discussion (Exercise E22-16)  
  Review for Final (material since third exam)  
 E22-16 (p. 998) (formerly E22-13)  
 Variable Costing, Break-even, Margin of Safety (PPT)            Video  Handout
 Variable Costing:  Unwavering Company Handout                  Video  Handout
 BE26-3 (p. 1175) (special order)
 BE26-7 (p. 1176) (eliminate product line)                                Video
 P20-5A (p. 911)  (flow of costs)

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