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Testimonies of Students
about taking accounting in summer school
At the end of the second summer session '03, students were encouraged to reflect upon the summer school experience:  Would you do it again?  Was it worth?  What contributed to your success?  What do you wish you had done differently?  What advice would you give to future students?  or anything else they wanted to share.

Here are some of their responses.  Perhaps you will benefit from them.

I enjoyed account[ing] all of the time, ok about 93.34% of the time.  I really believe that the summer session was a lot more helpful to me than the school year would have.  I was able to focus more because it was just one subject.  The labs... were very helpful as well, because it kept me on the right path.  Account[ing] in general is a difficult course to take, 6.66% of it being unbearable, but it is very helpful and applicable.  I still feel that there is too much homework, but in the long-run I know it's very helpful to my grade.


Having the opportunity to experience accounting during the regular school semester and during summer school, I can definitely say that I have performed overall (tests, quizzes, and homework) much better than I did in ACT 215 during the fall semester.  I am a proponent of taking ACT 216 during the summer semester.  However, do not get the impression that it is easier or "watered down" because it is not.  It is intense, but for three weeks I was only learning accounting, and not 5 other subjects along with it.  Also, the tests are only days apart instead of a month apart, and I found that the material was still fresh on my mind, which helped me connect the concepts better and
understand them faster.  Yes...during this summer course I had homework due everyday, the pace was fast, and the class was intense, but I am glad it was all over in just 3 weeks and not 3 months.  = ) 


Taking Principles of Financial and Managerial Accounting II during the summer dramatically improved my understanding of accounting and the role it plays in the 'real-world'.  Accounting II during the summer gave me the opportunity to concentrate on only one subject during the three week course instead of four or five different courses like the regular semesters.  Also, since the course was a condensed version of the regular Spring semester session, 15 weeks in 15 days, there was very little room for slacking off which encouraged me to prepare myself everyday.

I highly recommend Principles of Financial and Managerial Accounting I or II during the summer to anyone who is looking for a great way to not only get 3 hours of business pre-reqs. out of the way but to also have a full and in depth view of what business accounting is really like in just three weeks.

Accounting has opened my eyes to what the business world will consist of.  Without accounting there would be no proper way of successfully managing small or big corporations and businesses. Though accounting hasn't been my forte in business, I learned the value of understanding and using it. As a major in Management Information Systems, I have realized that most of my projects and programs are based around accounting situations.

Accounting has equipped me with the basic knowledge I need to solve some tough database problems. Most importantly, I have also learned that perspective employers are in search of well-rounded individuals who have an understanding of accounting no matter what department they  may be in. Accounting has definately increased my chances in succeeding in life.


... I believe that taking Accounting 1 and 2 this summer was the best decision for me.  Having taken Accounting 1 in the fall I received a passing unsatisfactory grade, but in the summer session my final grade was two letter grades higher.  Now that the accounting 2 summer session is over I have the ultimate feeling that had I taken it during the semester I would not have done nearly as well. I like the way the new material we learn each day is not something we have to recall from last week, the pace of the summer session allowed me to build concept upon concept and follow them easier. I personally feel like I had more time with my teacher in the summer to gain understanding than I did in a weeks worth of time in the semester.Accounting is a difficult subject to learn and at a slower pace I only would manage to confuse myself. If anyone ever asks me when they should take accounting I would recommend during the summer.

... This summer has been a very interesting, while I was at work today, I was thinking about my experiences in Accounting 1 and 2 for summer class, and I realized, that I did enjoyed myself, the class wasn't as easy as I thought it would, but at the end of the day, I realized that I have learned something. 
          If there is any lesson about life that I have learned from your class; is that to get out of my comfort zone and try harder.  I did not get the grade that I want but i learned more than I expected. I never realize I can learn so much in two sessions. I would say this is one of the best class that I've taken in ORU lately. 
          I use to go to class to get an "A" but now I realized that I go to class to learn, I know it sounds weird, but sometimes we(students) can be doing something right with a wrong motive.  Getting "A" is not bad, but when it becomes the focus and not the learning, then there's something wrong...
         If I'll be given a chance to choose what I want to to this summer, I would say, I'll take your class again... 


Although i am totally sick of the class and am glad that it is over i must admit that i have probably learnt more in the past month and half than i have in a very long time.  I ... am glad that you give us as much homework as you do. It was a lot of hard work to get all of the 
assignments done in one night but i am glad that i had that option because it really helped my grade. Although i hated doing it at the time i dont think you should ease up on it at all.

I am actually glad that i took these two classes during the summer because i know that i would not have been able to cope with it during the normal semester. I liked the fact that we could sit in class and discuss homework problems and the fact that we didnt have time to forget the material.I am also glad that we had ... a lab assistant. He was a great help and i dont think i could have gotten through the homework assignments without him.

Now that it is over and i look back on the past six weeks it hasnt been as bad as i thought at the time. I have worked hard and im glad to be done with it. Before taking the class i didnt even know what accounting consisted of and now i not only know what it is but also how to do some degree. I can definately see how it is so important to business and im glad that i now have some knowledge about it ... its been tough but totally worth it...


I was nervous and frustrated coming into this session.  I didn't know if I would be able to handle the fast pace of the class.  Looking back at the whole experience right now, overall I am surprised on how much I like it.  The outside homework is a lot do to in 1 night, however, if felt your personal attention during our lab hour was extremely helpful.  Also, the voluntary labs during the day was a good way to check your work, and understand the problems.  I also noticed that the class participation out of the class room was essential in my success.  The people in class were more than willing to get together and help each other out, that extra attention really made the difference some days. 

Having come from the spring semester's class, I could compare between to 2 classes.  Your teaching style didn't change, but instead of breaks in between the week you presented a complete lesson each day, the there were no gaps or questions when it came to homework for me.  That helped me understand the material so much better.  Overall I am a  summer school advocate.  I feel that in 3 weeks I have accomplished so much.  Principles II is not an easy class, but I feel that taking it in this fashion is more of a benefit than hassle.  I really feel great...I believe I know and understand cost and managerial accounting.  And that is a really good feeling.


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