Surely you've heard the expression "a picture is worth a thousand words."  That is the premise of this presentation.

Since we are making a big switch in our assumption for the remainder of the semester -- a switch from MERCHANDISING products (as the assumption has been since early in first semester accounting) to MANUFACTURING and selling products  -- wouldn't it be great if we could all hop on a bus and take a tour of a nearby manufacturing plant?  If so, we could experience first hand the process of manufacturing and better be able to relate to costs incurred in producing the product.  Obviously, however, getting all of us on a bus to take such a tour is impracticle and impossible.  Let's imagine it anyway!  Let's PRETEND we're going on a tour of a manufacturing plant -- a virtual tour!!!

As you navigate through the next few pages, be sure to pay close attention to the pictures -- not just the words.  Be patient to allow the pictures to load completely.

You would benefit from the note-taking guide distributed last Monday at the review lecture.  If you do not have one click here, print a copy (of at least page 2), and begin the "tour."

Ready?  Buckle your seat belts and let's go!!!


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