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Solutions to Quizzes

For Material up to Exam 1:
Exercises from Chapter 12 on Partnerships
Partnership Liquidation Demonstration    HO: casePt A   Pt B
Exercises from Chapter 13 on Corporations -- Paid-In
"Let's Talk About Treasury Stock" - make-up for snow day
Exercises from Chapter 14 on Corporations -- Retained
Chapter 14:  (Flipped) Demo of P14-1A
Video:  Chapter 14, E-14-5 from second discussion (Answering the "Why? About Stock Dividends)
Emphasized questions, etc. from Chapters 12 for review
Emphasized questions, etc. from Chapters 13 for review
Chapter 13, Question 18 (account classifications)
Handout:  Review Treas Stk, Cash and Stk Divs, Stock Splits
Solution:  Review Treas Stk, Cash and Stk Divs, Stock Splits                                          video from review session
From Monday review session:     covered in class and at Saturday Review

For Material up to Exam 2:
Exercises from Chapter 15 on Bonds Payable
PPT Slides for Amortization Portion Only of Lecture
List of What We Covered @ Sunday Review on Bonds
Questions for Review from Chapter 15 on Bonds Payable
Redemption of Bonds Illustrations and Solutions
Alternate Facts and Solutions Inspired by BE15-5
Exercises from Chapter 17 on Cash Flows

For Material up to Exam 3:
Virtual Tour of Manufacturing        note-taking guide
Sheet from Note-Taking Guide to Follow Along on Virtual Tour
Links to Other Virtual Tours of Manufacturing
Exercises from Chap 20 on Job Order

--a light-hearted conversation about Chap 20

-- Video of E20-8 (alternate from first discussion)

-- Video: Introduction to Manufacturing Overhead (conclusion of Monday's lecture)

-- Video of E20-5 (from second discussion)
Comparison of 7th and 8th editions' explanation of OH on Interim and Annual FS
Manufacturing Overhead Decision Tree
Exercises from Chapter 21 on Process Costing

-- Video of E21-11 (from first discussion) (10th edition - 2013)

-- Video of E21-11 (from first discussion) (8th edition - 2011)

-- Video of E21-8 (from second discussion)
Web Lesson: Recording Variances in Accounts:

-- Note-taking handout

-- PowerPoint Version (better but requires PPT on your computer)

-- HTML Version (should work on any computer)
Exercises from Chapter 25 on Standard Costs

-- Video of E25-7 (from first discussion)
From Spring 2011 Saturday Review Session:

-- Video of E20-2 (opening comments, demo of flow of costs, application of MO, posting to job cost sheets in cost ledger)

-- Video of E20-6 (explanation of source documents, determining MO rate "after-the-fact") 

-- Video of Q9 and Q14 from Chap 20 and what you need to know about Manufacturing Overhead (why, how, apply, monthly, annual)
Monday's Review Session - Spring 2011

For Material up to Final Exam:
Handout 22-H1A for Variable and Absorption Costing
Working Paper for Handout 22-H1A  (suitable for printing)
Excel File for Handout 22-H1A  (for solving on the computer)
Exercises from Chap 22 and Chap 26 on Variable Costing

-- Video of E22-12 (from first discussion)

-- Video of E26-8 and E26-2 (from second discussion)
Exercises from Chapter 22 on Break-Even Analysis

-- Video of E22-5 and E22-9 (from first discussion)

-- Video of Handout and BE22-6 (from second discussion) Handout
Exercises from Chapter 26 on Capital Budgeting
Review Opportunities (material since 3rd exam) (from Spring 2011)

-- Review Variable Costing, Break-even, Margin of Safety (PPT)              Video Handout

-- Review Variable Costing:  Unwavering Company Handout (video) Handout

-- Review Video:  BE26-3 (special order), BE26-7 (eliminate product line) and P20-5A (flow of costs) Solutions for P20-5A:   10 ed       12 ed

End-of-Semester Information:
End-of-Semester Announcements
Approx. Number of Questions on Final Exam
Spreadsheet for Determining Grade Needed on Final Exam
Explanation of Status Report

Answers to Questions at End of Chapters:

For Exam 1
For Exam 2
For Exam 3
For Final Exam
Chapter 12
Chapter 15
Chapter 19
Chapter 22
Chapter 13
Chapter 17
Chapter 20
Chapter 26
Chapter 14

Chapter 21

Chapter 25

Working Papers

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