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(from Lectures and Discussion Groups)
for Chapter 1:  The Accounting Equation
for Chapter 2:  Debits and Credits
for Chapters 4 and 3:  The Accounting Cycle
for Chapters 3 and 4:  Accruals and Deferrals
for Chapter 5-1:  Merchandising (perpetual)
for Chapter 5-2:  Merchandising (periodic)
for Chapter 6:  Inventory Procedures
extension of Chap 6 - Inventory Demo:  FIFO, LIFO, Average Costing
for Chapter 7:  Special Journals and Subsidiary Ledgers
for Chapter 8:  Internal Controls and Cash
extension of Chap 8 - Demo of Bank Reconciliation
for Chapter 9:  Receivables (Bad Debts)
for Chapter 9:  Receivables (Notes and Interest)
for Chapter 10:  Plant Assets
  Discussion Groups  
for Chapter 1:  First Discussion - Basic Accounting Equation E1-6  
for Chapter 1:  Second Discussion - E1-10
for Chapter 2:  First Discussion - Debits and Credits - E2-4(5)
for Chapter 2:  Second Discussion - The Trial Balance - E2-13
for Chapters 4 and 3:  First Discussion - Closing Entries  
for Chapters 4 and 3:  Second Discussion - Work Sheet and AJEs
for Chapters 3 and 4:  First Discussion - Asset/Expense Liability/Revenue Methods  
for Chapters 3 and 4:  Second Discussion - Reversing Entries (Accrued Salaries)  
for Chapter 5-1:  First Discussion - Merchandising (perpetual) - Buyer's and Seller's Point of View  
for Chapter 5-1:  Second Discussion - Merchandising (perpetual) - Buyer's and Seller's Point of View
Ch05-2 for Chapter 5-2:  First Discussion - Merchandising (periodic) - Buyer's PV and Income Statement Formulas

for Chapter 6:  First discussion - Periodic FIFO, LIFO, and Average HO1 HO2
Chap 7
for Chapter 7:  First discussion - Handout on Posting From Special Journals
for Chapter 9:  Second Discussion - Bad Debts  



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