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for Chapter 1

Video of 1st disc

Video of 2nd disc

for Chapter 2

for Chapter 3

Video of 1st disc Handout

Video of 2nd disc Handout

for Chapter 4 Video of 1st disc

acct classifications from Chapter 1

acct classifications from Chapter 2

Solution for Handout from Ch 3- 1st Discussion:  Liab and Rev Methods Handout

  ... up to Exam II

for Chapter 5-1 video 1st disc

for Chapter 5-2

for Chapter 6

for Chapter 7

alternate solution for Ex 7-10  (posting from spec jour)

posting decision tree

for Review

  ... up to Final Exam

for Chapter 8

extra bank rec exercise for review

for Chapter 9 video 2nd disc

- first discussion:  Notes and Interest video   handout

for Chapter 10

Solutions for End-of-Chapter Questions:

from Chapter 1 from Chapter 5 from Chapter 8
from Chapter 2 from Chapter 6 from Chapter 9
from Chapter 3 from Chapter 7 from Chapter 10
from Chapter 4        

Chapter 5 Homework Handouts
Homework Handout 5-H1A (the problem)
Excel File Working Paper for Handout 5-H1A (for solving or printing)
Homework Handout 5-H2A (the problem)
Excel File Working Paper for Handout 5-H2A (for solving or printing)

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