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These links require the user to have PowerPoint installed:    In class the "PowerPoint" presentations assist in guiding the direction of the class.  Today's visual learners seem to appreciate the additional stimulus of seeing problems and problem solutions and are better able to understand and remember the material being presented.

Some presentations are simply lists of the problems which are to be worked in class.  Some actually have the solution presented as well.  Students' input and suggestions are encouraged.

A word of caution is also warrented at this point as well.  The purpose of providing these presentations here is for review and improvement.  To have students not take notes or participate in class because they knew the information would be presented here would be counterproductive and discouraged!


Up to Exam 1:

Four-Letter Word

F'13 "Benefits" List


 - handout

Filing Status

 - handout

Which Form to Use?


 - H & R Block

 - IRS



Gross Income

 - SS handout

Up to Exam 2:

Deductions - Intro

Business Deductions

Itemized Deductions:

Med, Taxes, Interest

 - Med reimb handout
 - Inv Int Illustration handout

Char Contributions

 - Decision Tree

Casualty Losses

 - Illustration Handout
 - Decision Tree

Personal Credits

 - Handout

Up to Final Exam:


  - Overview  (handout)

   - Handout Demo  (handout)

  - Problems

Intro to Capital Gains

 - Handout

Capital Gains - ST and LT

 - Handout

Business Assets

Exchanges of Assets

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